The World’s Smallest Specimen Book*

world's smallest specimen book centerfold

This booklet was made for TypeCon 2008 in Buffalo. It is A7 when folded (meaning it is 2.8″ x 4″) with 16 pages + 8 different cover options. The pronouncement of “World’s Smallest Specimen Book” was not confirmed (or looked into at all for that matter), so there is a handy disclaimer*

* Possibly. Maybe.

Specimen book size not actually verified.
Well, this is for sure the World’s Smallest Specimen Book made in July 2008 featuring the typefaces Gemma, Vesper, Unicase Monospace, Aurora (codename), Chef, and Beefeater.

[Update] Here is one tiny specimen book that has firmly knocked me off my throne: Types in the Cases of William M. Cheney – from 1961. This is an incredibly hard to find book (finder’s fee for anyone who can pass one along to me!) but Typesticker has some nice photos of it up on Flickr.