These are some of the typefaces I’ve made. I’m slowly adding more here as testable web fonts, also there are a few more over at Mota Italic that aren’t even listed here (like the new Show Me the Mono!).



Painting with a typeface



I’m Gemma & I want to be your best friend



This is one fat fffont!


Check out Fip!

See a bit about Vesper!

Get to know Mota Pixel!


Printed Specimens & Samples

Mota Italic’s latest printed Type Catalog

Mota Italic Second Catalog

Mota Italic Fonts Postcard

Mota Italic Postcard 2

Mota Italic Gallery Postcard

Mota Italic Postcard

Mota Italic Catalog #1

Mota Italic's First Type Specimen

“I Like Type” “Mini-Posters”

I Like Type Mini Posters

The World’s Smallest Type Specimen

world's smallest specimen book centerfold

YSLTT Custom Postcards

TypeCon '06 Postcards