Typostammtisch Quiz Night 2012

Every year in December, the Berlin Typostammtisch hosts a rousing and mind-bendingly difficult quiz night. This year’s was quiz mastered by the duo of Tim Ahrens and Christoph Koeberlin.

They did an excellent job. The questions were a nice mix of trivia: some were known by a mix of people from each group, to laugh out loud stupidly hard questions.

One of my favorite parts of the night was Christoph’s idea of naming the teams after silly unicode characters. Pieces of paper are randomly selected from a hat to divvy up the teams, and this year this was a hilarious surprise instead the regular number scribbled on the paper.

A really nice and fun aspect to the night is that thanks to the generosity of so many participants, there are tons of prizes donated, so everyone that plays gets to take something home. Ivo has a nice writeup of the evening (in German), and it lists all the prizes that everyone offered up.

Finally, Jen’s has a set of really great photos from the night to give you a better idea of what went down.

Till next year Quiz Night!