Typodarium 2012 – Blind Text Switcheroo

There was a bit of a mess-up with the 2012 Typodarium calendar.

I chose July 21st for my day, but the Typodarium crew took it upon themselves to reassign me to November 11th, without telling me or asking me to update my entry.

It in some ways in understandable they’d want me to take the 11th of some month, but they should have asked me to update my content – regardless if it would be noticeable or not.

This is an actual photo of the printed day in the Typodarium:

As you may have noticed, “November” as more than four letters, and Saturday has two extra letters from Sunday. So here is a side-by-side comparison of the submitted day, and how it should have actually looked – to correctly be November 11th:

And incase you are curious, the text on the back is real (not well written, but not fake text either):