Time After Time

titlepage (All images are via the official Time After Time website.)

I’m super excited to share the imminent release of an awesome new book. The dynamic duo Kaisa and Christoffer Leka have just finished their latest project called Time After Time. At the core, it’s a graphic novel exploring the Indian myth of the Dashavatara in a fresh way. But they didn’t simply stop there – the project exploded into something much larger. They’ve produce an LP with intrepretated classical Indian songs, commissioned a whole series of hand-painted signs, and created an entire alphabet of stamps. Not to mention all the photo shoots they conducted, brilliant marketing efforts, and a beautiful website.

From the official site:

What are the limits of imagination? Of language? And of reality?

In their new book Kaisa & Christoffer take upon themselves to explore the world of mythology and how age old myths can still today enrich the lives of those who take the time to study them with care.

But don’t be alarmed – despite the somewhat heady theme the story is told with warmth and humor that has become the signature style of these two authors.

Within the pages of their latest book you will find Kaisa’s and Christoffer’s alter egos, the Duck and the Mouse going off at the deep end of the pool as they dive head first into the pool of one of India’s vast literary heritage. Out of this treasure house of extraordinary tales they have picked perhaps its most loved story – that of ten forms in which Sri Krishna’s descends into this mortal world.

And while the ancient poetry might take a new when viewed through the lens of Kaisa’s art, the sentiments and feeling remains the same. So why not jump in and swim with them in this ocean of unparalleled nectar!



I’m a super fanboy of this project and incredibly honored to be a teeny tiny part of it. I have drawn a few of the stamp letters (F, O, & T) and they have turned them into some fun and colorful stamps (real Finnish stamps!). I couldn’t be more excited to see the final results in real life!

Incase you will be in Helsinki March 18th, there will be a release party.

Otherwise at least give their lovely (and comprehensive) Time After Time website a browse.