The Letterform Archive!

We FINALLY made it to visit the Letterform Archive this last January. I’ve been hoping to see this in person for years now, and meet the founder of it Rob Saunders. Unfortunately Rob was away on a business trip to see about acquiring some huge collection of materials to add to the Archive.

We only had an afternoon here, and that’s certainly not nearly enough time. Next visit I’ll spend a week there for sure :)

These few images give a glimpse of what the place is like and just how much material they have to go through. This is only the surface and only a fraction of the inspiring and significant items they have.

I’d also like to say a thank you to their librarian Amelia who generously offered a lot of advice for us regarding our own collection. Our Mota Italic library is a similar concept as the Letterform Archive, but still in the infant stage. Being in India, we have some additional book preservation issues due to the climate and Amelia was able to give some good suggestions to help preserve everything.

Keep up the great work Letterform Archive, and I look forward to visiting you again!