Mota Italic: Now Open! is now open

After many long months of coding, designing, and bureaucratic paper work, Mota Italic is finally online and open for business! We have worked hard to bring you some great font families and a special shopping experience. The website features numerous images and samples of the fonts and a totally unique shopping cart and checkout process. We have opened the shop with our much anticipated type family Vesper. This design began at the University of Reading way back in 2006-07. Since then it has been almost totally redesigned and greatly expanded. It has evolved into a 10 style font family with a wide character set (15,318 glyphs all together) and many OpenType features.

Also available now is the [FREE] two weight family Mota Pixel. This design was custom made for the interface of TypeShow – Frank Rausch’s tool for previewing typefaces online. You can see it in action here at our site. I later expanded it to include more languages, small caps, petite caps, unicase letters, and many OT features, plus a bold weight as well. It is covered by the SIL Open Font License so you can use it on about anything – this includes online use on your website using @font-face (or any other font-rendering method).

Something which not everyone immediately thinks of is the EULA. We are rather excited and proud of this as it is one of the most open and liberal in the commercial font industry. Among other things, you can modify the fonts, embed them numerous ways, and re-download them as often as you would like. We also plan to provide future updates and font upgrades at no additional cost – always available through your account section.

Finally, we also have completely unique stance on “fonts on the web.” We offer a special WEB Font bundle that gives you a package of fonts for online and offline use. You receive Vesper Basic for all your offline designs and Vesper WEB for everything online. You can embed Vesper WEB using @font-face, sIFR, Cufón, Typeface.js, and Flash. It is pre-subsetted into smaller files for faster download times and it even allows you to select lining or old-style figures for your website! In the near future we will also ship pre-made fonts in the EOT and WOFF font formats for added browser support.

There is a lot more to say about Mota Italic and all that went into it’s formation, but that will come later. For now, head over to the site and check things out yourself! Enjoy!

Please let me know here in the comments or via e-mail if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for the site.