Facebook poked me today with this memory from 4 years ago:


I was invited by Typo Magazine to make some sort of image to celebrate their 50th issue & 10 years of the magazine. I was fortunate to share the spread with my friend Oded Ezer. That turned out to be the final issue as well. I still think of them often and wish there were still new editions to look forward to.

Luckily, the brainchildren behind the magazine – Filip Blažek and Linda Kudrnovská – have continued on with a great new project: 365typo. It’s a year book of typography, featuring 365 articles of type & graphic design news. It really is an epic and useful volume to catalog current events in the type world. While many of the stories found there are also available online, having them carefully curated, professionally edited, and in print form is certainly better for archival purposes.


In 365typo #2 (year 2016), my typeface Fip was featured as one of the top 50 font releases of the year! Thank you to all for selecting it!


I also have a short report about Indian truck lettering that takes up a spread. It is a modified version of my post about Maharashtra’s ban of the words “Horn OK Please” on vehicles.


I’m quite late posting about this project… But it’s not really that time sensitive, they still have copies available! You should absolutely still go buy this book if you haven’t already!

Finally I’d just like to say thank you to Linda and Filip for having me be a part of it!