TypeTalks comes to Brno, Czech Republic

TypeTalks 2010

I am very excited to report about the TypeTalks conference in Brno this summer. It comes just after the ICTVC conference in Cyprus and directly before the 24th International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno. Three design conferences in a week, this might be some kind of record.

Organized by David Březina, this one day TypeTalks symposium will be on June 21st, 2010, in scenic Moravia. The daytime will be filled with talks by an eclectic mix speakers and topics, and the evening festivities (will probably) include entertainment provided by the students of FaVU.*

For my part, I’ll be presenting an overview of some landmark shifts in font technology and how they affected type design and typography. It is a similar talk to the one I’ll give at ICTVC a few days earlier, only that in this case it will be 40 minutes instead of 20. Meaning, I’ll be speaking really fast in Cyprus, then going extra slow in Czech.

Hope to see you at what will certainly be a great event! There are a limited number of tickets though, so get them fast. And as an added bonus, it’s practically free!

Here is more information from the official press release:

Typefaces and textual information in general, despite their crucial importance to our culture and development, are often neglected when it comes to visual communication and graphic design. This problem is particularly acute in the Central European, post-communist environment. TypeTalks is a collaborative activity designed to raise awareness of the power of typeface design and typography among both graphic design professionals and students.

Our one-day symposium will take place in Brno, Czech Republic in the House of the Lords of Kunštát on 21 June 2010 at 10:12.

The theme or topic for this conference is type. This is a broad area embracing the history of type, the design of type, type education, the use of type (typography) and much more. The key criteria for the acceptance of a talk is that it have educational value. It is not enough to simply show work, knowledge must be shared as well. Indeed, TypeTalks’ reason for existing is the pleasure taken in learning and in sharing knowledge. Furthermore, we have excellent speakers this year!

Tomáš Brousi (CZ): Tabac

Veronika Burian (CZ/D): Typographic matchmaking

Florian Hardwig (D): Localize! The dialects of handwriting in type design

Michael Hochleitner (AT): A contemporary view on the relationship of lettering & type

Rob Keller (US/D): Font technology is crazy!

Dan Reynolds (US/D): The passion of the young, multi-script type designer

For more information and to register, visit TypeTalks.com.

You can also follow @TypeTalks on Twitter!


* Those plans failing, there will still be many type nerds to hang out for a fun night of eating, drinking, and socializing.