Hey man, it’s been a while!

A bit of an update /
Excuses for not updating the site for a rather long time:

Unfortunately, things has been hectic lately and this site has suffered. There are many updates waiting and plans for the future here, just no time to implement them (this is a common problem for most of us it seems).

Since opening Mota Italic in October I have had almost no life*. The remainder of 2009 was spent bug fixing the shop, fine tuning the design, and adding a bit more content. Major updates to Vesper and Mota Pixel were began then as well.

So far most of 2010 has been divided between these two designs and the new family “Gemma.” I can report that all three of projects are coming along nicely and will be released in the near future now. We had hoped to have Vesper out already, but we ended up adding way more features and improvements to it that have pushed the schedule back. Gemma too is a bit behind schedule, but that is due to the family growing greatly. The wait should be worth it – we hope! I’ll update our Facebook page in the next couple days with some new previews.

The last relevant story is that along the way too I had a hard drive crash and lost most of my photo library. This is might be recoverable, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. This concerns you, Dear Reader, because the next 40 or so “Showcase” posts are sitting on this drive. In the meantime I have a few posts that I can still put up and/or I’ll just go discover some new cool images.

I keep telling myself that life will eventually level out and it will be easier to fit side projects in… we will see. But deep down I am pretty sure that assumption is false. So in the next months I will try harder to at least occasionally put up some new things here. Thanks for your patience and for coming back!

* There is a German term my mother-in-law loves to use to describe me: Kellerkind. Haha, it has my name in it. The explanation of this though is basically a kid that lives in the basement and never goes outside or sees the sunlight; i.e. I sit in front of the computer all day.