Matthew Carter in the pathetic Esquire

This post comes in short parts:

Part 1: Esquire – Most Uncreative Magazine of the Year

Esquire UK has a special “Black Book” biannual edition that is a “style manual for successful men”. This issue produced the the strongest visceral reaction I’ve ever had to a major magazine. I was shocked to see the lazy trend following, lack of any taste, creativity, or unique style from these guys. Art Director Nick Millington, Deputy Art Director Peter Ainsworth, and Designer Anup Parmar should all have their computers confiscated and thrown into the Thames. None of them should be practicing design.

I’d expect this level of derivative hipster shit from some New York or Berlin startup, but for god’s sake, this style of amateur typefaces and neon colors is already two years over. This legendary magazine deserves better. While looking at this issue of The Black Book, all I could imagine was using it for toilet paper… but quite frankly, it isn’t even worth that.


Part 2: Matthew Carter’s mini interview in Esquire

Just before giving up on this waste of paper, I got to a short interview with Matthew Carter. The portrait is quite stunning, great job Steve Schofield (you deserve to have this photo somewhere better).

Matthew was interviewed by Ben Mitchell (could it be the ohbendy I know?)(update: it’s not ohbendy, it’s benmitch101), to the end that he gives some common responses already stated countless times elsewhere.

However, his last answer was nice (I believe I’ve heard that answer before as well, but this time it feels fresher).

Somebody asked me what my retirement plan is the other day. I said “death.”