Dimension and Typography – the show

dimension and typography

On display until Feb 7th, the University of Illinois’ I space gallery has a typographic treat. In an exhibition titled Dimension and Typography: A Survey of Letterforms in Space and Time, the boundary between art and design has been blurred. Co-curated by graphic design professors Jimmy Luu, of UIUC, and Ryan Molloy,of Eastern Michigan University, the show is described as: “a collection of recent work by international artists, designers, and programmers who examine the potential of letters that exist beyond the traditional confines of a two-dimensional printed page.”

I will miss this exhibition unfortunately, but the topic is of great personal interest. I am hoping these small photos (from the gallery’s website) are not doing the show justice. I expect viewers will find this material more compelling in person. If you plan to be in Chicago in the next few days, I recommend a quick trip to the River North Gallery district to check out this show.

dimensional type in the gallery

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