Type Talks 2013

This was the third installment of the Type Talks conference, organized by David Březina and Anna Giedryś, and they have once again made one of the best type events I’ve had the fortune to attend. I happy to concisely report that this Type Talks was even better than the first one (besides the fact that I spoke at it)(and unfortunately I missed the second conference, so I can’t say how awesome it was, but I’m sure it was also great).

The Highlights:

• The event began with “Type Shorts”, an informal Pecina Kucha style evening of many quick presentations.

• David donned his finest bow tie to host the day!

• The venue was incredibly beautiful.

• All of the talks were excellent.

• The food was actually great.

• For a couple days, Brno was the center of the type community.

• I want to offer some criticism of the event, but I simply had a great time and really enjoyed it all.

Organizing a day like this is no doubt stressful and takes months of planning. At the intersection of event organizational stress and relief of successfully pulling it off, David claimed that this is the last time they will do a Type Talks conference. I hope it really was just the exhaustion speaking and that they will do it again in a few years!