Web design is ?% typography.

web type is…

The above image is of Bram Stein speaking at #wbfntdy on Nov. 8th.
The photo is via: @typographische

The below image is of Aurélien Foutoyet speaking at #ecvmdt2015 on Nov. 10th.
Photo via: @typofonderie

It’s difficult to see here, but behind Aurélien’s head says “stein”, so I believe he is quoting Oliver Reichenstein from this post.

There is a big difference between 18.6% and 95%…

Who is right, or closer?

[update] Thanks to @kupfers who points out that Bram’s statistic was saying 18.6% of CSS code deals with typography, and it was a playful reference to Oliver Reichenstein who was sitting there in the front row :)